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The range of Scaffolding couplers is the result of meticulous research into distortion points and areas of strain under stress. All products have grain flow, which is controlled to put the strength directly where it is needed to provide tremendous resistance to distortion, enhanced durability and the long terms economy users expect from ONS Scaffolding Fittings & Accessories.

  • Confirms to BS1139 Part 2 and EN74 Class A & B
  • Surface Finish: Zinc Coated / Self
  • Fits tube size: Ø 48.3 (1.9”)
Pressed Double Coupler
APE- 001 (EN-74 / BS-1139)
Pressed Double Couplers connect two scaffold tubes at right angles. These are critical components in the scaffold structure and must be load bearing to resist both slip and distortion. The design is based on a strong one piece body with flaps and T-bolts that can be removed for maintenance or replacement.
Pressed Swivel Coupler
APE-002 (EN-74 / BS-1139)
Pressed Swivel Couplers connect two scaffold tubes at any angle to provide a ledger brace, facde, or similar bracing.
Leight Weight Double Coupler
APE- 003 (EN-74 / BS-1139)
For Pipe OD 48.3 mm
This type of coupler is used for connecting scaffold tubes at right angle to each other. Right angled couplers are available for 40 X 40 mm N. B. Pipes and 40 X 50 mm. N.B pipes.
Leight Weight Swivel Coupler
APE - 004 (EN-74 / BS-1139)
For Pipe OD 48.3 mm
Swivel Couplers connect two scaffold tubes at any angle to provide a ledger brace, facde, or similar bracing.
Girder Coupler
APE - 005 (EN-74 / BS-1139)
(AS : 1576.2)
There is often a requirement to fasten scaffold tubes to girders and other steel sections which demands a specialized fitting with a high degree of versatility. The Gravlock Girder Coupler has been specifically designed for attachment to either horizontal or vertical flanges, and will accommodate up to 43mm (1 ¾''). In erection, the Gravlock Coupler is highly effective, as it enables the fitting to be bolted to the girder first, leaving both hands free to present and secure the tube. As the tube is not compressed against the girder it is not distored by the fastening process. Gravolock couplers must be used in pairs.
Putlog Coupler
APE - 006 (EN-74 / BS-1139)
For Pipe OD 48.3 mm
Connects putlog or transom tubes to ledger tubes for the support of scaffold boards. The one piece body has been carefully designed and press-formed to provide the maximum resistance to movement and a long working life. It is not required to be a load bearing coupler.
Sleeve Coupler
APE - 007 (EN-74 / BS-1139)
For Pipe OD 48.3 mm
Sleeve Couplers join two scaffold tubes externally end to end. A steel divider located centrally ensures equal insertion of each tube. They can be employed where tension joints are required and therefore are particularly useful for long bracing and ledger tubes.
Joint Pin
APE - 008 (EN-74 / BS-1139)
For Pipe OD 48.3 mm
Provides end to end connection of scaffold tubes. Operates by being inserted internally and expands to apply grip against the inner walls of the tubes. The fittings are designed only for compression joints, and should not be used where tension can be developed in the tubes.
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